We’re a full-service agency covering every aspect of digital design.

Web design and development

The High Line
The High Line

We design and build websites that delight and engage audiences with their clarity, ease-of-use, and speed. Each project is designed from scratch and built by hand in Brooklyn, New York. By lavishing attention on design and engineering precision, we craft bespoke work that fits our clients’ needs without compromise.

We collaborate with clients through all stages of a web project: from content strategy, information architecture, and design through front- and back-end development, training, launch, and maintenance.

Film Forum
Film Forum

Bold graphics, a restrained color palette, and carefully tuned typography give each project verve and a unique identity that stands apart.

An outstanding design is a study in simplicity where subtle color differences and single pixels distinguish quality work. We lavish meticulous attention on graphic design, user interface elements, and animations to ensure a delightfully intuitive experience across a range of devices from mobile to tablet to desktop.

Film Forum
Baryshnikov Arts Center

We hand-code our websites to ensure the highest quality builds for enhanced search engine optimization and speed.

Semantically-structured HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript means front-end code that loads immediately and takes advantage of the latest mobile responsive design techniques to assure broad accessibility across a range of devices from phones to PCs. Craft CMS and ExpressionEngine CMS enable our clients to easily maintain their own sites with no technical skill.

Web and app strategy and planning

We help clients turn a napkin sketch into a fully-planned application. Detailed product blueprints consisting of wireframes, metadata schemas, and development requirements clarify ideas into actionable next-steps for design and engineering.

We can concept an entire application or solve a specific design problem using interactive prototypes and composites grounded in analytic data.

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And more...

Branding and identity

We design logos, business systems, and style guides that communicate an organization’s essence with clarity and consistency.

Content strategy

We help strategize content production that targets key audiences, social media communities, and search engines for improved visibility in an increasingly congested digital world.

Social media marketing

Connect with audiences on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the next social platform with custom campaigns that are tuned to each service’s strength.

Hand-coded eBook design

Kindle books, ePubs, and iBooks crafted by hand with maniacal attention paid to type, rhythm, and balance for an immersive reading experience.